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Industrial Microwave Dryer

Industrial Microwave Dryer


Industrial microwave drying is a new drying method with the advantages of fast temperature rise, high energy utilization, selective heating, strong penetration, no pollution and simple control.

Compared with traditional drying machine, microwave drying machine makes the material to be dried become a heating body itself, and does not require the process of heat conduction. As a result, the drying temperature can be reached in a very short time despite a material with poor thermal conductivity. No matter what the shape of each part of the object is, microwave can make the surface and inside of the object penetrate electromagnetic waves evenly at the same time to generate heat energy. Therefore, the drying uniformity is good, and the phenomenon of external burned inner raw will not appear. During the drying process, the material also can be sterilized.

Microwave drying equipment is widely used, suitable for drying agricultural and sideline products, food, medicine, chemicals, building materials, minerals, rubber, paper products, textiles, wood and other materials, such as: spices, seasoning powder, nuts, sesame, prawns , black soldier flies, tenebrio molitor, scented tea, green tea, black tea, herbal medicine, nutritional powder, insulation board, feed, silicon dioxide, paper straws, kaolin, lithium hydroxide, ceramics, etc.

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