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Fruits / Vegetable De Hydration Plant

Dehydration is the best way to preserve for various kind of fruits & vegetables in future. The process of dehydration to remove the moisture with in the food and can be stored without refrigeration.

The general process of dehydration includes washing, blanching, cutting, drying and packing of the material. The modern dehydration techniques help to retain the flavor, color, aroma and vitamin kevels. Dehydrated products will keep for a long time to meet the industry demands.

We provide dehydrated plants both in batch type and continuous type plants as per the client requirements. Based on certain inputs like nature of the raw material, capacity to be dried, application and initial & final moisture contents of the raw material, we offer suitable different drying technologies as shown below.

  • Tray dryer

  • Vacuum tray dryer

  • Continuous dryers

  • Rotary dryer’s

  • Solar Dryer

We supply the Fruits and Vegetable dehydration plants of various capacities such as 100 kg/day, 500 kg/day, 1000 kg /day to any higher capacity as per the client requirement.

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